Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentation Instructions:

The accepted posters will be presented as paper posters.

Posters should be prepared in portrait format of dimensions 1200mm x 900mm (A0 size)

All the material necessary for attaching the poster to the poster board will be available at the posters' help desk in the respective poster area.

Presenting authors are responsible for setting up and removing their posters.

Abstract title, author(s) and affiliation(s) should appear on top of the poster.

Please make sure that your poster can be read easily from a distance of 2 meters.

All posters must be written entirely in English.

Poster session will be held at designated times during the conference to allow participants to view research findings and interact with authors.

Posters will be set up according to poster numbers assigned to you, which you will find on list below.



​7th June 2018 08:00-10:00

​Poster Display Days & Hours:

​7th June 2018 10:00-17:30

8th June 2018 08:30-14:30

9th June 2018 09:00-15:00


9th June 2018 15:00-17:00

Poster Session:

7th June 2018 17:00-17:30

For sample poster format click here.


​Poster Number

​Abstract Title:

​Presententing Author:


​Predictors of mothers’ contact with the baby following intrauterine death
​Paul Richard Cassidy, Spain


​Positive changes in the family functioning after the death of child
​Anna Liisa Aho, Finland


​Wearable and wireless pulse-oximetry-based rescue device to detect a problem during a baby's sleep and interrupt via mild stimulation
​Diego Delía, Argentina


​Using maternity wallets to aid safer pregnancies
​Heidi Eldridge, UK


​46 years with SIDS
​Laura Smith Hillman, USA


​Ayrshire Maternity Unit Improving Bereavement Care Project
​Stephanie Frearson, UK


​Women’s awareness of stillbirth and reaction to messaging around stillbirth risk
​Janet Scott, UK


​Maternal smoking and alcohol consumption effect on infant autonomic response to head up tilt

​Maristella Lucchini, USA


​Interprofessional Learning:SUDI Process and Practice
​Marion McNaught, UK


​Making The Decision To Have Another Child After A Loss

​Michele Ada Houlihan, Canada


​The association of second trimester biomarkers in amniotic fluid and fetal outcome
​Irene Sofia Sterpu, Sweden


​Sudden Unexpected Infant death (SUID): Which is the Real Burden of SIDS?
​Stefania Rizzo, Italy


​Bereavement Support and Attachment Based Care in Pregnancy Following Loss
​Joann M Oleary, USA


​Mortality in mothers after perinatal loss; a population-based follow-up study
​Dorte Hvidtjørn, Denmark


​Towards enabling finding causes for stillbirth in a tertiary care center in South India
​Neeraj Kulkarni, India


​Coroners and stillbirths - parents’ views
​Janet Scott, UK


​Answering a Crowd-sourced Question: What Are the Best Ways to Establish Group B Strep (GBS) as a Likely Cause of Perinatal Morbidity
​James A. McGregor, USA


​Advances in Vaccination Practice during Pregnancy Care
​James A. McGregor, USA


​Tackling international variation of the definition of “perinatal” for research implications
​Caroline A Lloyd, Ireland


​The "Safe to Sleep" campaign in the Tuscany Region: a targeted intervention
​Cinzia Arzilli, Italy


​The incidence of perinatal mortality in Ireland according to the Robson Ten Groups Classification System

​Sarah Meaney , Ireland


​The Interface Among Poverty, Air Mattress Industry Trends, Policy, and Infant Safety in the USA
​Trina C Salm Ward, USA


​Supporting staff to provide equitable high quality care for bereaved families: development of a new West of Scotland Guideline for Neonatal Death & End of Life Care
​Lorna Mckerracher, USA


​Preliminary analysis of respectful care after stillbirth: results from a multi-country survey (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand)
​Emma Sacks, USA


​Whole Genome Sequencing and Genomic Copy Number Analysis in a Well-Characterised Cohort of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI)
​Margaret J Evans, UK


​Morphological abnormalities in the hippocampus of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
​Arunnjah Vivekanandarajah, Australia


​Functional recovery from neonatal breathing abnormalities in 5HT-deficient Pet-1 knockout mice following developmental exposure to nicotine
​Jeffery T Erickson, USA


​Parents who bedshare with their infants do not belong to the bad parent’s club
​Alejandro Gustavo Jenik, Argentina


​Should the "Back to Sleep" campaign be advocated for 1 year old children?
​Toshimasa Obonai, Japan


​Investigation of Sleep Environments in Japanese Healthy Infants
​Ineko Kato, Japan


​A promising approach to improve statistical discrepancies in categorizing sudden unexpected death in infancy between Japan and other countries
​Hirokazu Kotani, Japan


​DAISeS Study: Decisions Around Infant Sleep after Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy
​Anna S Pease, UK


​Let’s Talk About Sleep! A UK feasibility study of a NZ approach for improving infant sleep safety
​Helen Louise Ball, uk


​Learning from each other and working together with families in mind: Perinatal Bereavement Education for Medical and Midwifery students in the Republic of Ireland

​Daniel Nuzum, Ireland


​Pathology Information Workshop for Advocacy & Support Groups – International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) Cork 2017

​Brendan Fitzgerald, Ireland


​Developing a global consensus on bereavement care following stillbirth
​Clare Shakespeare, UK


​Proportion of preeclampsia in women under 35 years in Guanajuato during 2016
​Juan Manuel Espinosa Palacios, Mexico


​Maternal body position and placental localisation affects uterine arterial blood flow velocity: relevance to position related stillbirth risk
​Peter Richard Stone, New Zealand


​Sudden infant death in forensic context, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina 2007-2017
​Ines Aparici, Argentina


​Community perceptions, beliefs and practices of birthweight in rural Bangladesh: a qualitative study
​Monjura Khatun Nisha, Australia


​Grandmothers’ Grief after the Loss of a Grandchild
​Anna Liisa Aho, Finland


​Waiting in No-Man's-Land; Enhancing Bereavement Support at Diagnosis of an Intra Uterine Death:A Developmental Change Project
​Brenda Casey, Ireland


​Negative changes in the family functioning after the death of a child
Anna Liisa Aho, Finland


​Parent’s experiences of group peer support leaders after the death of child
Anna Liisa Aho, Finland


​Who is Accessing the SUDI Toolkit? Identifying Awareness of the SUDI Resource
​Lorraine J Marshall, UK


​Working to Establish Birth Equity in The African American Family, The Necessary Equation: Father + Mother = Healthy Baby
​Stacy Danelle Scott, USA


​CuddleCot - An underused resource in improving bereavement care in Obstetrics?
​Rosanna Henderson, UK


​Assessment of routine data quality for birth outcomes in Bangladesh, Tanzania, and Nepal
​Georgia R Gore Langton, UK


​Analysis of the Results of Sentinel Surveillance of the Extreme Neonatal Morbidity, Bogota, Colombia, 2015-2016
​Yeimy Catherine Rodriguez, Colombia


​Inflammatory blood parameters in women after intrauterine fetal death versus selective termination to a singleton pregnancy – A retrospective single-center cohort study
​Dana Muin, Austria


​Talking groups as a way to provide assistance after perinatal loss.
​Jean Marie Danet, France


​Commentary on the 2016 national statistics for Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood in England and Wales and the task ahead for new charity SUDC UK
​Nikki J Speed, UK


​The Perinatal Mortality Review Tool implementation support - ‘review once, review well’.
​Sarah J Prince, UK


​Exome sequencing of selected genes in SIDS – what can the genes reveal?
​Linda Ferrante, Norway


​Safe Sleep Campaign in Uruguay. 2017
​Virginia Kanopa Almada, Uruguay


​Assessing Implementation of Safe Sleep Education in Illinois Hospitals
​Nancy Maruyama, USA


​Perinatal Loss: the voice of midwives
​Claudia Ravaldi, Italy


​CiaoLapo Stilbirth Support Checklist (CLASS): from international guidelines to every-day practice
Claudia Ravaldi, Italy


​Baby Survival in Zambia: Stillbirth and Neonatal Death in a Local Hospital Setting
​Yasunori Oka, Japan


​Risk factors in infants under one year of age died from sudden unexpected infant death in Uruguay
Virginia Kanopa Almada, Uruguay


​Reaching bereaved fathers through smartphone technology: SMS4dads
​Richard Fletcher, Australia


​The creation of the first al amal bereavement service in Abu Dhabi
​Sarah Jane Ball, UAE


​Perinatal grief and the social world of objects: (re)ordering the past, the present and the future
​Paul Richard Cassidy, Spain


​Sedatives during the hospital stay following intrauterine death: a risk factor for complicated grief?
Paul Richard Cassidy, Spain


​Resuscitation training to meet the needs of bereaved parents enrolled on the Scottish Next Infant Support Programme
​Lynsay ClairUK


​An analysis of 15 years of Scottish stillbirth data and associated infant mortality.
​Colin Peters, UK


​Preparing Health Professionals to Support Families who are Bereaved– An Innovative Approach
​Natalie Smee, UK


​Innovation in Supporting Families Pregnant After Loss: The Subsequent Pregnancy Program in Ontario, Canada
​Megan Fockler, Canada


​The Role of Sonographers in Supporting Families Pregnant After Loss : A Quality Improvement Project
​Megan Fockler, Canada


​Determining the Prevalence of, and Risk Factors for, Sudden and Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) in Australia
​Roger Byard, Australia


​The effect of Group Prenatal Care on birth outcomes in a resource poor setting: evidence from Bangladesh
​Marufa Sultana, Australia

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