About SCDT

About SCDT

The Scottish Cot Death Trust - making a difference through research, education and bereavement support.

The Scottish Cot Death Trust was founded in 1985 after various research initiatives highlighted the extent of the problem of cot death in Scotland. Although the term sudden unexpected death in infancy is used more widely than cot death, the charitable aims of the organisation are as valid today as they were when the Trust was established.

On average a baby dies every nine days of cot death in Scotland and many of these families will never know why their apparently healthy baby has died. The Scottish Cot Death Trust, as the only cot death charity in Scotland, continues to strive to find the answers through funding research. To date the Scottish Cot Death Trust has invested in excess of £3.2 million in research and is committed to promoting research activity.

The Scottish Cot Death Trust also provides a wide range of bespoke support services for bereaved family members and educates the public and professionals about cot death and how to reduce the risks.

The charity is a hub of expertise, promising equity of delivery to all it serves. Operating with a small core of just five paid employees, the organisation ensures all donations received are invested back into charitable activity accessible to all users. As well as funding research, we also provide free education sessions, information materials and outreach bereavement support services to communities throughout Scotland.

Sustaining this high standard has been a major factor in our decision to offer to host the 2018 International Conference on Stillbirth, SIDS and Baby Survival.

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